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New Music Business Briefing: Amazon Close, Ringtone Rip-Off, Prince Sues & More

Amazon >>> Billboard says Tuesday's the day for the Amazon mp3 store launch. We hear Tuesday is not a hard deadline but they will launch soon.

>>> NY Times tech columnist David Pogue rails against custom ringtones and ringtone prices as the "great digital rip-off". (NYT) I dare to write a column listing the free programs that create tones.

>>> Defendant says the RIAA is abusing the use of the courts to shore up a "failing business model". (ars) Ouch!

>>> The National Association Of Broadcasters is expressing "extreme disappointment" at the way in which SoundExchange is handling net radio royalty negotiations. (FMQB)Prince

>>> Prince plans to sue YouTube, eBay, PirateBay and others for illegal use. (Reuters)

>>> Yahoo! has added an MTV HD channel to its distribution channels its Nissan Live Sets series originally produced for the web.

>>> The Musicians Union has struck a deal with the gaming industry. (DMW)