100 Free & Affordable High & Low Tech Music Promotion Tips – Part 9

Venues and promoters should work make it easier and cheaper on fans to buy tickets online. There are always going to have to be some fees, but some services like InTicketing charge much smaller fees than Ticketmaster. 
82. Find ways to reward regular ticket buyers.   
83. Enhance your gatekeeper status by creating your own free Pandora.com  or  Last.FM “radio station” and linking to it from your site.
84. Create free custom Pandora or Last.FM for each concert event…”Get in the mood for the Al Green concert with this classic soul stream…”.  It’s a free way to make the concert an event and keep them talking about it to others.
85. Start a free short term blog for every show or series. Post when it goes it go on sale, when an opener is added, when the front rows are sold out, news about the bands, everything.
86. Produce and sponsor a cable access show. 
87. Utilize free college interns, but make sure their getting college credit so they are motivated to work.
88. Use cell text messaging to communicate instantly. Try http://www.nightlifetexting.com . Google to find other companies.
89. Flyer – It’s the cheapest form of advertising. http://www.clubflyers.com/ offers 1000 free flyers every month or a local printer.
90. A good flyer promotes more than one show and can also be hung as a mini poster.

Read tips 1-10, 11-20 and 21-30, 31-40, 49-50, 51-60, 61-70 and 71-80. And  share your ideas for the final 10 to be published later this week.

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