Believe It Or Not, The Music Industry Is Growing

Chris Anderson has compiled stats showing that, if declines in CD sales are set aside, every other aspect of the music industry is growing.

Only CD’s which with mp3 player sales included make up 25% of the music industry (60% without) were down 18% last year.

I’m not sure I agree with Anderson’s assertion that portable players
are a part of the music industry.  It’s a bit like saying refrigerators
re part of the farm economy.

But in every other way the message is
crystal clear. In Music 2.0 and beyond record companies must become music companies to
survive.  New models are emerging. Madonna and Live Nation is but one
example. Bold innovation is being  rewarded. Just look at Radiohead.

The major labels have the resources, but do they have the will? And
beyond low risk partnerships with the artist what real innovation do we
see at the indies?

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  1. “Bold innovation is being rewarded”.
    A beautiful statement that should be beat into every MBA/business student/entrepreneur and music label operator’s head.
    I would do almost anything to have a fraction of the resources available to me that major labels have, solely for the sake of experimenting and yet those that can do so little.


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