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Facebook Music May Launch Next Week

Rumors Co-ed Magazine claims to have label sources stating that Facebook is set to announce phase 1 of a major expansion into music at next week's ad:tech conference in NYC. The move would confirm rumors we reported three weeks ago and coincide with public  moves that Facebook has made recently. According to the report:

  • Facebook artists and will register their sub-domain name through Facebook - i.e. “”
  • on this page Facebook users can become “fans” of the artist and connect to the media hosted on the “artist page.”
  • “fans” can enjoy the acts musicand videos, upload pictures, add music to their personal page, get tour dates and interact with other fans
  • Enhancements scheduled to arrive quickly include targeted marketing, ads and promotion
  • artist specific sales widgets to allow for music sales through the site are in development

The source says that this is only the first generation of Facebook Music and more aggressive plans to compete with MySpace, iTunes and other music destinations are in the works. If announced Facebook Music should also force other social networking and music sites to create more open platforms and services aimed at building community around music.