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Friday's Music 2.0 Briefing: Pink Slips At SnoCap, Bowie At Target, Def Jam Radio & Much More

Hip Hop Business News From ProHipHop

>>> Jay-Z drops Roc Boys, the second single off American Gangster

>>> In an online video Ghostface announced a new album, The Big Dough Rehab, set for release December 4th, same day as the Wu-Tang Clan's 8 Diagrams.

>>> Eminem's mom, Debbie Nelson, has a book out in the UK called My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem.

>>> All sorts of rappers and djs are blogging, sometimes with staff assistance, including Kanye West and Pharrell Williams.

>>> Jermaine Dupri's new book, Young, Rich, and Dangerous, includes a section relating his perspectives on strip club research.

>>> Steve Rifkind and Ron Urban launch Loud Beverage Corp. with plans to market energy drinks using street marketing techniques for music.

>>> Common launches the Common Ground Foundation with an emphasis on the education of urban youth.

>>> Russell Simmons will provide an inspirational keynote at next month's Media and Money conference.

>>> Busta Rhymes breaks down his views on the effects of the Internet on the music industry.

>>> Jim Jones signs with Sony and claims he's already been in the studio with Rick Rubin.

>>> The Wu-Tang Clan drops The Heart Gently Weeps featuring a Beatles/George Harrison interpolation.

>>> Ethan Brown, hip hop's leading investigative journalist has moved to New Orleans.

>>> ProHipHop now offers a very basic mobile site at with plans to offer full text versions of ProHipHop and related blogs in the near future.

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