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>>> RZA responds to Ghostface’s rage with some true Wu-Tang leadership and the solution to a release date conflict.

>>> Hitwise claim to have called Soulja Boy’s success back in May based on Internet traffic patterns.

>>> Nas responds to controversy over his N-word album title plans with the assurance that Def Jam’s behind him and that he’s up to something serious.

>>> Product placements, beautiful objects and brands that simply make an appearance abound in Jay-Z’s Blue Magic video.

>>> Here’s a roundup of Hip Hop Social Networks.

>>> Plies’ Shawty ringtone goes platinum and he discusses his concern with racism and prison issues.

>>> Nelly says more good could have been done by fining Don Imus and starting a Don Imus Nappy Negro College Fund than by taking him off the air.

>>> Publicist Pam Pinnock, whose clients have included famous rappers, releases a memoir about domestic violence.

>>> Look for Ghostface Killah’s new book The World According to Pretty Toney on November 1st based on a series of short MTV2 advice videos.

>>> ProHipHop has been posting occasional example widgets including the YouTube video unit from Google’s AdSense with a "hip hop/rap" theme and a SplashCast Audio Widget featuring the music of Side Hustle.

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