Hypebot’s Music 2.0 Week In Review: Blame It On iTunes, iLike Teams With Billboard, Friendster Opens Up & Much More

>>> A new study shows that iTunes and not illegal file sharing is to blame for the huge slump in music sales.

>>> Believe it or not, despite the big slump in CD sales the music industry overall is growing. Here’s proof.

>>> iLike and Billboard have teamed  for two new charts measuring internet song activity.

>>> Friendster has opened it community of 50 million to outside developers just as MySpace and Facebook have creating many new avenues for marketing music.

>>> Pandora founder Tim Westergren testified on behalf of the Digital Music Association before a Senate Committee on internet radio.

>>> Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos finally broke his silence and talked about the new Amazon mp3 store. The SEC made him.

>>> More DRM free music is finally showing up on iTunes but at a painfully slow pace. Why Steve?Top_100

>>> The final 10 Top 100 Free & Affordable High & Low Tech Ways To Promote Music and links to all 100.

>>> OurDigitalMusic.com has a piece on saving up to 80% on your next iPod or other portable playee by buying refurbished.

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