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Jeff Bezos’ First Words On Amazon MP3 Store

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos finally commented publically about the retailer’s new MP3 store during an earnings call yesterday.

Bezos said he is "….very happy with the early results that we’re seeing. We’re getting terrific feedback from customers. Everybody loves the DRM free format, so selling MP3s is very successful for us…One of the things with our MP3 store is the way we look at it, the onus is on us to continue to convince music labels that this is a good way to sell their music. So we continue to work on that, but we’re very happy with the way that it’s going."

"…You get started," he continued, "you try to figure out what customers want and try toAmazon_mp3storefrontlogo_v2936426_2 figure out how to give it to them, and then just repeat that consistently over a number of years So you can count on us to keep working on those things. We’re thrilled with the early results from customers."

When asked if there was evidence that it’s had any impact on the physical CD sales Bezos replied, "We haven’t seen any evidence of that. I think it’s way too early to know…".  No sales figures were offered during the call, but industry sources point to strong early numbers when compared to Rhapsody, Napster and others with iTunes sales dwarfing all competitors.

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