Monday’s Music 2.0 Briefing: MTV Gets Lyrical, BlackBerry Adds Music, OiNK Lives & Much More

>>>Who the #!*k sang that song? MTV is launching a major cross platform lyric based initiative. (Webware)

>>> "Record Labels Loose Their Luster" according to a report by David LaGesse in US New & World Report. (here) I’m quoted heavily so I think its a brilliant article.Blackberry

>>> BlackBerry to add music subscription service via Omniphone’s MusicStation. (Reuters) BlackBerry just caused millions of its users think twice before they switch to an iPhone.

>>> PirateBay says it will launch a successor to shuttered file sharing site OiNK that specialized in pre-release leaks called BOink.cd.

>>> Brick and mortar retail is finally experimenting with new ways to get into the digital game. (Billboard)

>>> The myth of user generated content. (DMW)

MySpace‘s head of marketing is on the way out…innovative UK download site 7Digital is seriously eying and expansion into North America …Pandora may be adding videos

>>> And don’t miss anything important with our Music 2.0 Week In Review.

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