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Job Openings At Warner Bros. Records & Future Of Music Coalition

Monday's Music 2.0 Briefing: MTV Gets Lyrical, BlackBerry Adds Music, OiNK Lives & Much More

Mtv >>>Who the #!*k sang that song? MTV is launching a major cross platform lyric based initiative. (Webware)

>>> "Record Labels Loose Their Luster" according to a report by David LaGesse in US New & World Report. (here) I'm quoted heavily so I think its a brilliant article.Blackberry

>>> BlackBerry to add music subscription service via Omniphone's MusicStation. (Reuters) BlackBerry just caused millions of its users think twice before they switch to an iPhone.

>>> PirateBay says it will launch a successor to shuttered file sharing site OiNK that specialized in pre-release leaks called

>>> Brick and mortar retail is finally experimenting with new ways to get into the digital game. (Billboard)

>>> The myth of user generated content. (DMW)

Rumors RUMORS: MySpace's head of marketing is on the way out...innovative UK download site 7Digital is seriously eying and expansion into North America ...Pandora may be adding videos

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