Friday’s Music 2.0 Briefing: Spam MP3’s, Canada In Piracy Crosshairs, Radiohear To Tour & Much More

>>> MP3’s have become the latest vehicle for spammers via P2P and your in box. (PC) Beware, particularly for those of us who regularly receive unsolicited mp3’s.

>>> Congressional piracy hearings target Russia, China…and Canada. (ars)

>>> Radiohead will further monetize their recent heralded release with a world tour in May. (Billboard)

>>> More loosening of FCC media ownership rules could come as early as December. (FMQB)

>>> Death Cab For Cutie‘s guitarist had the master tapes from his solo album snatched by the Dept. Of Homeland Security. (MTV) And you thought Radiohead had a novel approach to promo? In the pre-internet age this would barely have made the news. Now it swarm across the net.

>>> Koch has signed new distribution deals with Immergent, Index Entertainment, Hi Power Entertainment, High Powered Entertainment, and Echo-Vista Music Group.

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