New Music Business Briefing: Looney Tunes Borrows $1M, Moby Gives It Away & Much More

>>> EU indie labels lash out about the Sony BMG merger. (Ind.UK)

>>> Indie retailer Looney Tunes was destroyed by fire but the owner has taken out a $1 million loan to build the "biggest and best independent record store in the entire country. (Newsday)

>>> imeem to allow users to use some music as background for personal slideshows. (Wired)

>>> Moby is smartly offering free music to indie filmakers via mobygratis.com.

>>> Just for giggles, here is some video from Michael Jackson’s interview with Martin Bashir

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  1. The Moby ‘gratis’ production music site ain’t exactly breaking news, and we had all hoped it would be something worth talking about.
    Sadly, the music he’s offering just isn’t that good. We added our thoughts on the matter back in July at our music licensing blog.
    In light of all the Radiohead news (our take is here), it would be great, in an industry already in sharp decline, if we could count on these established artists giving something of quality to the (starving) masses, but, at least in Moby’s case, we don’t think that happened. The jury is out on Radiohead for another few days. 🙂

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