New Music Business Briefing: Real Post 3Q, Indies Struggle, Bruce Banned & Much More

>>> RealNetworks posted strong 3Q results and CEO Rob Glaser predicted that “by this time next year or sooner,” all of the four major music labels would be selling their catalogs DRM-free. (Barron’s)

>>> Interviews with several indie labels on the difficulties of turning a profit in the digital age. (Seattle Times)

>>> Recording Academy/Grammy head Neal Portonow writes an op-ed piece on how the recording and tech industries must forge a common future. (SJ Mercury News) He’s just figuring this out?

>>> cNet take a very critical look and asks "Who (and what) is imeem for?" (cNet)

>>> The Orchard announces several new digital distribution deals including Reader’s Digest Music .(press release)

>>> Clear Channel has banned Bruce Springsteen from its stations even though record is #1. (Fox) Some say it’s age and others say its the anti-Bush content.  Either way the ban is bullshit.

>>> MySpace taps Zazzle for a new online merchandise initiative that allows users to create their own one of a kind products for personal use or sale including customizing band merch. (press release) Does the world really need "Gigi LOVES My Morning Jacket!) t-shirts?

>>> Sirius CEO predicts merger with XM by year’s end. (DMW)

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