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Some Halloween Fun

“I got rabies shots for biting the head off a bat but that’s OK - the bat had to get Ozzy shots.”   

- Ozzy Osbourne  (via TheRockDose)

You can celebrate almost anything on the internet (don't let your mind go there...) and Halloween is no exception.

  • ShePlaysMusic is live blogging Halloween great songs and videos all day.
  • MetalMartyr has a Metal Sound Track To Halloween. Is there any better music for Halloween than metal?
  • The Australian's don't even celebrate Halloween but OZMusicScene has some hot Aussie Halloween Hits.
  • 52Bands has a tribute to the king of spooky movie music Danny Elfaman
  • BigAppleMusicScene suggests dressing up like the ulitmate NYC rocker Joey Ramone.
  • EarSucker joins the action as always.
  • A don't miss our sister blog OurDigitalMusic's Top 10 Halloween Songs.