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Virtual Music Interns Wanted

I’m looking for a few virtual interns for Hypebot and the booking agency we own Skyline Music.

You can be located anywhere you want and need only an interest in the music industry, a computer and basic online skills. If you’re looking for college credit – and we’d love it if you were – we’re familiar with the steps needed to make most internships "official.

There are several "positions" available ranging from research and writing to viral marketing, PR, design and more so let us know what you are most interested in an email.  There’s no pay, but we’ll try to load you up with a few CD’s and some concert tickets. Thanks to our virtual pal Andrew Dubber for the idea.

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  1. Hello I am a college junior and I attend college at Radford University. Radford is located in South West Va in the sticks. I’m from a big city so being here in this slow town has me always looking for something creative to do.. The position that I would be interested in is the virtual marketing. I am currently a marketing student and would be looking for an intern that gives college credit.Music is something that I am very familiar with and love so I figure this would be a great opprotunity to be able to learn and grow in the music industry. No I’m not a singer or a rapper, just a person of business trying to learn the business world the best I can.

  2. hi,my name is Bruce and im a producer hopeful who is currently looking 4 a break in the mainstream music industry. I would like to have more information on your program.

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