Wednesday’s Music 2.0 Briefing: New Rumors, “Buy U A Drank” Tops 2.3M, iPod Celebration & More

founded by Engadget’s Peter Rojas and
Downtown Records will launch November 15th with free ad supported music
from Gnarls Barkley and Cold War Kids…
…The iTunes’ chart isn’t really
a true representation of sales.
New release sales are weighted more
heavily than classics in an attempt to make the chart hipper…
…Radiohead is close to a deal with the Dave Mathews/Coran Capshaw led ATO for physical release of their latest CD…

NEWS & OTHER STUFF >>> Popular pirate music site Oink said the be the top source for pre-release leaks has been shut down by Dutch and UK police (Reuters)

>>> Top ringtone "Buy U A Drank" has sold over 2.3 million units according to Nielsen RingScan. compared to the 1.6 million downloads sold of the song and 686,000 copies of the song’s album "Epiphany".Real

>>> RealNetworks has launched a new multimedia ringback service that adds video and photos to musical ringbacks. (press release)

>>> Top MySpace marketing tips. (Million Music)

>>> This week mark’s the 6th Anniversary of the iPod. To date 110 million have been sold and to celebrate (?) here’s the original launch video:

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