OK Steve Jobs, Where Is All The DRM-Free Music Your Promised Us?
Jeff Bezos' First Words On Amazon MP3 Store

Wednesday's Music 2.0 Briefing: New Rumors, "Buy U A Drank" Tops 2.3M, iPod Celebration & More

Rumors_3 ...RCRD LBL founded by Engadget's Peter Rojas and Downtown Records will launch November 15th with free ad supported music from Gnarls Barkley and Cold War Kids...
...The iTunes' chart isn't really a true representation of sales. New release sales are weighted more heavily than classics in an attempt to make the chart hipper...
...Radiohead is close to a deal with the Dave Mathews/Coran Capshaw led ATO for physical release of their latest CD...

NEWS & OTHER STUFF >>> Popular pirate music site Oink said the be the top source for pre-release leaks has been shut down by Dutch and UK police (Reuters)

>>> Top ringtone "Buy U A Drank" has sold over 2.3 million units according to Nielsen RingScan. compared to the 1.6 million downloads sold of the song and 686,000 copies of the song's album "Epiphany".Real

>>> RealNetworks has launched a new multimedia ringback service that adds video and photos to musical ringbacks. (press release)

>>> Top MySpace marketing tips. (Million Music)

>>> This week mark's the 6th Anniversary of the iPod. To date 110 million have been sold and to celebrate (?) here's the original launch video: