Friday’s Music 2.0 Briefing: EMI Selling Stake, Facebook Dims Beacon, Vinyl Takes A Hit & Much More

>>> Terra Firma appears close to selling a 15% stake in EMI in a $500 million round of equity fundraising. (Times UK) The deal is based on deep cost cutting and very optimistic cost predictions.

>>> Advertisers spent $1 billion on "word of mouth" marketing. (ars)

>>> Facebook’s Beacon service which tracks off-Facebook web surfing will become opt-in after privacy concerns surfaced. (AllFacebook)

>>> Europe’s TechDigest shares a rather comprehensive 30 Trends In Digital Music.

>>> Dance music DJ mecca Dancetracks is closing its NYC store. Its the latest in a string of vinyl based store closings in both the US and UK.

>>> CashMusic is combining the Radiohead "pay what you want model " with other D.I.Y. sales models in a very promising single service currently in beta and backed by some respected indie musicians. (Netribution)

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  1. anyone that thinks Radiohead was “giving” away their music just because they love us so much wasn’t paying attention to how this model played out…

  2. @ barrym
    Not all of us were duped… the beauty of it isnt charity.
    the beauty of it is how under this strategem the artist is now the one making the money off his/ her art, not the fat cat suits like the fool at universal.
    this is about paying the artist directly.

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