Hypebot’s Music 2.0 Week In Review: MySpace Tries Ad Supported Music, Guitar Hero Helps Sales, 4QFor RerverbNation & More

>>> The Guitar Hero video game is leading to increased download sales for the aMyspacects featured

>>> The ad supported music model is expanding and MySpace has plans to join the experiment

>>> We continued our 4QFor (For Questions For) series with an exclusive interview with band empowerment and music discovery site ReverbNation’s Michael Dorenberg

>>> Essay: Is the march to DRM free music stalled?

>>> This week’s Coalition of Independent Music Stores Top 200 sellers

>>> OurDigitalMusic shared Top 10 Songs For A Modern Thanksgiving and How To Save Money On Music This Christmas

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  1. The latest attempts at new music distribution are to give music away free, but it’s a fallacious business strategy, whether SpiralFrog, Qtrax or Baidu in China. Unfortunately, this is unsustainable from a cost/revenue perspective, and counterproductive to the music retail market. The digital ad industry is simply not big enough to support the digital music industry.
    Digital music market is now at $30 billion and rising (including illegal downloads). While digital advertising is only at $20 billion and slowing.
    There’s an excellent analysis at Brooding Savage blog.


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