Monday’s Music 2.0 Briefing: Merlin’s Web, Live Nation 360, Cortney Considers & More

>>> International indie music trade group Merlin has launched its web site (here) I really want these guys to succeed. The concept is solid – unit indies as a negotiating force with emerging digital media like YouTube.  But I’ve seen so little progress.

>>> Live Nation continues to diversify beyond concerts with the purchase of rock merchandise giant Signatures Network for $79 million. (press release) Is this shaping up to be the 360 deal coming from the live music angle instead of the label? Will Love Nation buy a label next so it has the apparatus?

>>> Cellyspace introduces a self serve ringtone producer for fans andCortney_love provides a platform for artists sales as well. (press release)

>>> Will Cortney Love be the next to try the Radiohead model? (Wired) Given the choice will anyone pay for that?

>>> InterMedia has invested in live music content producer Control Room. (Reuters)

>>> The Motley Fool frowns on the Orchard/Digital Music Group merger but offers hope.

>>> Check out my "10 Songs I Love That I Probably Shouldn’t" on OurDigitalMusic.com. It’s part of b5media’s Music Channel’s Guilty Pleasures day.

>>> Make sure you didn’t miss anything important with our New Music Business Week In Review.

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