Hypebot's New Music Business Week In Review:
Is The March To DRM Free Stalled?

Monday's Music 2.0 Briefing: Merlin's Web, Live Nation 360, Cortney Considers & More

Merlin_logo_m >>> International indie music trade group Merlin has launched its web site (here) I really want these guys to succeed. The concept is solid - unit indies as a negotiating force with emerging digital media like YouTube.  But I've seen so little progress.

>>> Live Nation continues to diversify beyond concerts with the purchase of rock merchandise giant Signatures Network for $79 million. (press release) Is this shaping up to be the 360 deal coming from the live music angle instead of the label? Will Love Nation buy a label next so it has the apparatus?

>>> Cellyspace introduces a self serve ringtone producer for fans andCortney_love provides a platform for artists sales as well. (press release)

>>> Will Cortney Love be the next to try the Radiohead model? (Wired) Given the choice will anyone pay for that?

InterMedia has invested in live music content producer Control Room. (Reuters)

>>> The Motley Fool frowns on the Orchard/Digital Music Group merger but offers hope.

>>> Check out my "10 Songs I Love That I Probably Shouldn't" on OurDigitalMusic.com. It's part of b5media's Music Channel's Guilty Pleasures day.

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