Monday’s Music 2.0 Briefing: France’s P2P Attack, EMI Gets Bad Press, Pirate Bay Scoffs & Much More

UPDATED >>> Online Music licensing firm Ricall, which claims 4 million tracks from major and indie labels, expands into the US market with the appointment of former BMG publishing exec Ed Razzano as Vice President of Business Development (North
America) based in NYC.


>>> France will pull net access from repeat P2P offenders. As a trade off the government is demanding an end to DRM. (Reuters) Points for dropping DRM, but aren’t free WiFi signals to grab almost everywhere?

>>> The Financial Times says the investment community is growing critical of Tera Firma’s plans to turn around EMI. (FT)

>>> PirateBay dismisses seriousness of latest three prong legal attack against it. (ars)

>>> Some stats about who is using Facebook. (TWMOB)

>>> A noted wine expert proves that music alters the taste of wine. (NPR)

>>> Pink Floyd’s David Gilmore is giving away three tracks via Verizon Wireless to help promote a DVD release. (OurDigitalMusic)

>>> Indie label Suburban Home has released a free "I Celebrate Their Entire Catalog"Suburban_home_sampler digital sampler to promote the label’s…entire catalog.  They’re even encouraging you to share the link. Imagine that! "Post it in your blog, send it out in a Myspace bulletin, burn it onto CDs and give them to your friends, hell text it to your Grandma. We want everyone and anyone to download the sampler." (IndieHQJust to add to the no cost DYI nature of the promotion, the label is using free/low cost file delivery site YouSendIt to make the tracks available.

>>> To be sure you didn’t miss anything important last week during holiday, we bring you Hypebot’s Music 2.0 Week In Review.

>>> Tuesday: 4QFor (Four Questions For) the founder of WE7.

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