Friday’s Music 2.0 Briefing: SpiralFrog Looses $3M , Sony Pays $5M, Pandora Goes Classical & More

>>> The British Entertainment Retailers Association says DRM is hurting music sales and urges labels to drop it "by Christmas". (FT) OK…maybe by next Christmas.

>>> Ad supported music download service SpiralFrog posted a $3.4M Q3 loss and is seeking $25 million in new funding. (PaidContent) "The Froggy went a courtin’ and he did fail…"

Lawyers Don’t Take Thanksgiving Break –

  • A court has ordered Sony pay Steve Popovitch and his Cleveland International label and additional $5 million in damages for failing to return his label’s logo to pressings of "Meatloaf’s Bat Out Of Hell". (AP)
  • The Romantics are suing Activision for inclusion in the Guitar Hero 80’s Edition. (Yahoo!) Shouldn’t they be thanking them?
  • The RIAA has targeted 16 more colleges including several ivy league schools with its latest round of notices (TechWeb)

>>> Pandora has added classical music to its D.I.Y. radio mix. (cNet)

>>> New band t-shirts use a printed bar code that can be scanned via cell phone to link to web based content. (B-B-F)

>>> OurDigitalMusic offers consumers ways to Save Money On Music This Christmas.

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  1. Lamy said that lawsuits are the RIAA’s “last preference” but necessary “given the continuing prevalence of music theft on college campuses.”
    “This theft triggers a harmful domino effect throughout the music community — thousands of regular, working class musicians and others out of work, record stores shuttered, new bands never signed,” he said. “When faced with this reality, we have no choice but to hold those individuals responsible for ignoring the law and all the great new legal ways to get affordable, high-quality music.”
    I just love the spin they enjoy to take… like a seasoned russian violin they try and pull on our heart strings… having us picture all these “thousands of regular, working class musicians…”
    If the recording industry really gave a crap they would change their 75cent grab and the artists 25cent grab of Itune sales for example.
    Here the artist comes up with the idea, executes and pours himself into the music.. and the big labels take the BIGGEST slice of this pie. Oh it is us who are keeping the Artists impovrished.. not their crappy out dated label buisness.
    the industry is trembling becuase the alternatives that keep popping up for piracy all include the record industry getting a smaller and smaller chunk of the artists work.
    And yet they are just looking out for the artists well being. good grief … i think most people buy it too.

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