Nominations Open For Hypebot’s Music Blog Awards

As a Hypebot reader, you’re probably a music or tech industry insider who spends at least part of your days and nights scouring the net for music news and new bands to feed both your business and your personal love of music. So we wondered, what blogs do you follow to get your music news and discover new music?  Not music industry news like here on Hypebot, but rather sites that fans (like us) use to stay on top of what’s happening.

Next week we’ll put it to a vote, but for starters we need your nominations for blogs (and we use the term broadly) in these four categories:

  • Best Music News Blog
  • Best Music Discovery Blog
  • Best Niche Music Blog
  • Best Band Or Fan Blog

Tell us your Top 3 or so Nominations in each category in the comments section (our prefered method) or email them to us.  We’ll tally them up (and maybe ad one or two of our own) and put it to a vote.  Nominations end Tuesd
ay, December 7th.  And we’re still working on the details, so any ideas you have to add to the competition or make it more fun please fire away!

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