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Friday's Music 2.0 Briefing: MP3Tunes Fights, Comacast Sues, Widgets Abound & More

Mp3tunes_logo_2 >>> MP3Tunes founder Michael Roberston speaks out on the EMI lawsuit. (blog)

>>> Comcast is being sued to stop its practice of interfering with P2P activity. (DMW)

>>> Last.FM creates Open Social player for Ning's 122,000 social networks. (press release)

>>> MusicToday launches a storefront widget for Facebook. (press release)

>>> A new version of RealPlayer has launched including a premium version that enables video transfer to iPods. (press release, RealPlayer)
>>> The new Slacker player gets a once over by Engadget.

>>> The Beatles to finally go digital in 2008. (Reuters)

RCRD LBL Has Launched

Rcrdlbl_5 Downtown Records and internet entrepreneur and Engadget cofounder Peter Rojas today launched RCRD LBL, as an online label offering free, sponsor-supported MP3s from established and emerging artists and labels across a variety of niches and genres. PUMA, airline Virgin America and Nikon Inc. are among the major brands that have signed on as inaugural RCRD LBL sponsors.   

RCRD LBL is a blog-driven destination that attempts to combine an artists need to connect with young audiences who increasingly discover music on-line with sponsors looking new ways to communicate with this hard to reach demographic.


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Coalition of Independent Music Stores Top 200 for Week Ending 11-11-07


Read the CIMs Top 20 Debuts and the entire Top 200 after the jump.

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Quotable: "The Future Isn't Mass Market..."

"...The future isn't mass market.  The future is a zillion scenes.  The majors haven't wanted to play in this world, and entrepreneurs have moved in, who don't want to sell out to the majors.  It's about your local scene, your online scene.  Nurtured.  Expanded slowly as opposed to jammed down the public's throat. This is the opposite of major label culture.  The opposite of what Lyor, Jimmy and Clive do.  They create a storm and the public pays attention.  But now the public is not paying attention, and if they do..." - Bob Lefsetz

Thursday's Music 2.0 Briefing: RCRD LBL?, EMI Scams Radiohead & More

Rcrdlbl_3 >> Is today the day RCRD LBL will launch as Wired predicted? The co-founder has been taking some interesting meetings and the WSJ appears to have some insider info on the ad supported free music label. This one could be interesting.

>>> Our friend math researches what he calls "EMI's scam to cash in on Radiohead". (Music 2.0)Creativezenvplus_2

>>> Creative has sold it's 25 millionth mp3 player. (press release). It only tool 8 years.  Hey I think I've got one in the bottom of a drawer somewhere...

>> A bill introduced in the US House of Representatives would force colleges  to provide evidence that they plan to stop peer-to-peer file sharing or run the risk of their students losing federal financial aid. (Digital Freedom)

>>> Social.FM announced has released a Facebook application that automatically scans users' profiles and creates an online radio player featuring full-length tracks from their favorite artists.

Mouse >>> WORTHY CLICK:  KnowTheMusicBiz.com is a new online community for emerging artists and music executives. The goal is to help them find the information they need to build a sustainable career in the music industry. (Shades of The Musical Middle Class!) The community features a Wiki, Forums, DIY Tips, Resource Directory, Business News and guest blogs from industry thought leaders.

All 100 Free & Affordable High & Low Tech Music Promotion Tips

Top_100 After getting requests from readers, we've put all 100 Free & Affordable High & Low Tech Music Promotion Tips on a single page.  No more clicking around to view them 10 at a time. We've also updated some tips and added more links and a few bonus resources.

This is one of Hypebot's most popular posts ever and we encourage you to share it, link to it and add your own tips and comments. (here)

Wednesday's Music 2.0 Briefing: Jay-Z Pulls Out Of iTunes, Zune Wireless Store?, SnoCap (Boom)Shuffles & Much More

Jayz >>> Jay-Z has pulled his new American Gangster release from iTunes because he wants the album to be heard as a total "work of art" (his words not mine). (UndercoverHDWithout making Jay-Z some kind of hero here, it is about time iTunes made the album format an option for artists.

>>> The Orchard and Digital Media Group have completed their merger. (press release) Despite recent deals I just don't see with tightening margins for digital distributors, how two loosers combine to make a winner.

>>> Microsoft's purchase of Musicwave could lead to a Zune wireless store. (ars) WireSnocapless downloads could provide a major bump in sales as they have in many Asian markets.

>>> SnoCap has launched BoomShuffle, a 15 song mixtape widget creator. (Wired)

>>> UMG's indie distribution arm Fontana has named RonSpaulding EVP and GM. (Billboard)

>>> Glenn @ Coolfer shares "What Radiohead's In Rainbows Has Taught Me".

>>> How low can WMG's stock price go? (Silicon Valley Insider)

>>> ArtistData.com has added Pollstar, Jambase and Showclix to MySpace and the other sites served by its automatic multi-site updating service.

>>> Digital distributor TuneCore is offering an eclectic free 34-track compilation via iTunes that includes Public Enemy, Bowerbirds, Over the Rhine Steve Vai and The Dandy Warhols , Ray Manzarek, Bill Medley and others. Download it free here.

EMI To Investors: Major Cuts, 766% Growth & $100M Indie Investment Fund Ahead

Emi Terra Firma is privately telling investors that it will cut $223 million in fixed costs on top of existing EMI cost-saving initiatives. U.S. cuts include $31 million from sales and distribution plus merged back-office functions. There will also be significant cuts in operations in "non-strategic" countries. A&R and marketing budgets will be cut by $58 million and more emphasis put on social networks and user-generated Web sites like MySpace to discover and promote talent.

Guy_handsTerra Firma also claims it will improve EMI's cash flow by a whopping 766% over the next five years from an $43 million in 2007 to $1.1 billion in 2012 by creating $700 million in improved margins from online and mobile music. Terra Firma is not ruling out "large-scale transformational acquisitions/business combinations"  and plans to fund a $100-$200 million pool for investments in smaller indie labels.

Ain't gonna happen.

Exclusive Interview: 4QFor imeem CEO Dalton Caldwell

This week's 4QFor (Four Questions For) features imeem's young founder and CEO Dalton Caldwell answering the same questions we put last week to Nimbit founder Patrick Faucher.

Imeem_dalton_caldwell_2 Q1. What major changes in the music industry do you foresee over the next year?
Over the next year, everyone will be a lot more serious about new business models in digital. There’s a lot more going on out there already- look at what we’re trying to accomplish here at imeem as well as the disruption caused by the recent Radiohead album launch. It’s time for people to get the memo that digital is about more than ringtones and iTunes.   

Q2. How are you and your company preparing to benefit from these changes?          
We strongly believe in ad-supported music and imeem has been the most successful in proving out the model.  There is a tremendous market opportunity for ad-supported music to work on a large scale.  We could easily see a reality where total digital revenues from advertising dwarf download sales.

Imeem_3 Q3. What excites you?
I’m excited to prove that ad-supported music really works and that the site has been able to scale to the large growth over the past year and service over 18 million users. At the end of the day though, I still really enjoy music and being around music and still get chills when I hear something good.  My parents taught me to do what I love and what I believe in…so here I am.

Q4. What’s next?
A major label executive once told me that the future of the music industry is and always has been in the young people trying to build something new in reaction to the old.  He cited folk, punk and rap.  For young people and digital music, the genie is out of the bottle, we are living in the post-Napster world. Teenagers today don’t even remember the old Napster… a 14 year old today was 7 years old when it was shut down. Technology disruption happens time and time again to established industries, but no matter what, the world keeps turning.  People and industries always adapt and that’s what will happen in the music industry as well.

Prince And The Pirate Bay - A Litigation Fairytale

Prince Continuing his crusade to control his own content, Prince is planning lawsuits against Bit-Torrent indexer Pirate Bay in the US, France (which has favorable copyright laws) and the notorious site's home country of Sweden. The lawsuits will extend to companies that advertise on Pirate Bay according to cNet.
Pirate_ship Prince has hired John Giacobbi and Web Sheriff, a service that tries to protect against Internet piracy, to mount legal challenges against anyone who he believes has violated his copyrights. Most recently, Prince has also sued YouTube and sent notices to fan sites demanding that they not even use photos that he owns or controls.

COMMENTARY: The Dueling Masters Of Art & Commerce
Prince actions may seem excessive and futile to many, but they also point out a major twist in "the artist controlling his own destiny" trend.  Now when an artist feels wronged, not just by pirates but by anyone, he can no longer point fingers and demand action. In Music 2.0, the D.I.Y. artist must mount his own draining and expensive offensive.

Tuesday's Music 2.0 Briefing: News From Microsoft, Cycloop, imeem, Rhapsody & More

Microsoft_2 >>> Microsoft is adding to its music portfolio by buying mobile music firm MusicWave. (press release) Investment analysts like the Motley FoZune_customol are less than impressed. (Microsoft's Sound Of Garbled Music).

>>> Today marks the official debut of the new Zunes and yesterday Microsoft announced that it was adding customization from 20 top artists at no extra costs. (OurDigitalMusic)

>>> Former Hispanic social music site Cyloop has gone multi-lingual and added on demand full song streaming via new deals with The Orchard and WMG. (Miami Herald)

>>> imeem and Rhino team for a promo and contest for the new Led "Mothership" (pressImeem release)

>>> Former Real/Rhapsody PR head Matt Graves has joined imeem as VP of Marketing Communications.

>>> Rhapsody and Wendy's have teamed for up to 100 million songs. (press release)

>>> As rumored, Radiohead's latest will get physical release in North America via ATO. (AP)

>>> Have you gotten your daily dose of rock wisdom @ TheRockDose.com?

>>> Jeff Leeds takes a close look at new "360 Degree" record deals that take as much  30% of all of an artist's revenues. (NY Times article and audio)

Is Roger Ames Out At EMI And Billy Mann In? - UPDATED

Rumors_2 UPDATED:  An unconfirmed source told Hypebot that, Roger Ames is out as head of EMI North America.  He will be replaced by record producer Billy Mann. (see Mann bio). Industry veteran Ames has only been at the helm of EMI since late April of this year. The future of Jason Flomm and other EMI executives is unknown.

Just last week Mann was named to EMI's Investor AdvisoryEmi_3 Board along with airport executive Mike Casper. Today Pat O’Driscoll, the former Chief Executive of Northern Foods was also added to the board. Rumors of a shake-up at the top of EMI have been circulating for weeks with Mann near the top of most lists.

UPDATE: EMI spokesperson Jeanne Meyer responds: "Billy Mann’s role is a non-executive one — he is working alongside EMI as a creative advisor and has been appointed to the EMI Investor Board.  There have been no changes to the roles of Roger Ames, who is head of EMI Music North America, or Jason Flom, who is chairman and CEO of Capitol Music Group." 

Social Music Marketing - A Quick Handbook

Music Marketing 2.0 has not quite arrived, but it's clearly just around the corner.  Traditional media are being replaced as music promotion and discovery engines by a multitude of online media and person to person viral marketing. Nowhere are the changes happening faster for music marketers then in social networking. Here's an overview to help you keep up:

  • Facebook The new Facebook Music initiative adds artists pages to create a hub for fan activity and new ad programs provide opportunities for cost effective targeted marketing to Facebook’s 50+ million regular users. (more)
  • Myspace_3 The current top destination for fans and marketers, MySpace, is launching a similar targeted ad program early next year. (more)
  • Responding to the problem and time needed to keep so many different sites like MySpace, Facebook and Friendster and the widgets used on them updated:
    • Google’s Open Social could solve the problem. MySpace, Friendster and others have signed on. (more)
    • Ilike Facebook has not joined OpenSocial, but music discovery site iLike offers their own free service for joint iLike and Facebook updating. (more)
    • Nimbit enables mp3, CD, ticket and merch sales on MySpace, Facebook and elsewhere from a single integrated widget.
    • ReverbNation provides email sign-up, street teams and web promotion tools. A new addition allows multi-artist tracking.
    • AristData offers simultaneous updating on your own web site, MySpace, PureVolume and VIRB and is building a network of music sites that automatically update together.

You'll find more guerrilla marketing ideas in our "100 Free & Affordable High & Low Tech Music Promotion Tips". And where is this all leading? We think its causing "The Rise Of The Musical Middle Class".

MySpace Hacks Increase

Computer_haccker It was inevitable. Where ever net traffic goes; the hackers will follow. Now MySpace is a growing target.

"At the end of October, there were a number of links added as friend-comments that went via MySpace's open-redirector Myspace(MSPlinks) to exploit sites in China," according to Roger Thompson of Exploit Prevention Labs.  "Now, we keep finding MySpace pages that have had some sort of image-background link injected, that are reaching out to a different site in China...The fact that this site (MySpace) is media-rich, with lots of sound and videos means that the FakeCodec trick will be much more effective. The click-er is probably expecting to see a vid, or hear a song, and is quite likely to think he genuinely needs to install something extra."

Here's a video explaining a recent hack of Alicia Keyes' MySpace pages.   

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Monday's Music 2.0 Briefing: UK Hopes For Mobile Miracle, EMI Sues MP3Tunes For $100M & Much More

Uk_flag >>> UK record labels are betting that the launch of three new mobile music services will rejuvenate sales. (Guardian)

>>> The Federal Trade Commission dropped an inquiry into XM's marketing practices without taking action. (press release)

>>> EMI is suing MP3.com/MP3Tune's founder Michael Robertson for $100 million.Emi_2 (Reuters)

>>> EMI has also signed a deal with marketer Hip Digital. (press release)

>>> imeem has added Nettwerk Music to its growing list of labels available for streaming. (press release)

>>> Dolby to acquire Coding Technoloiges for $250 million. The company says the move will broaden its portfolio on the digital broadcasr, mobile and internet sectors. (press release)

>>> Make sure you didn't miss anything important with Hypebot's Music 2.0 Week In Review.

Real Seeks New Senior Director Of Music PR

Rhapsody One of our favorite PR guys Matt Graves has left his long standing position at Real/Rhapsody to join imeem as the VP of Marketing Communications. (Check out Matt's imeem profile and playlist.)

That means that Real is actively looking to fill the position of director/seniorHelp_wanted director of music PR.  Candidates need a strong digital music and/or digital entertainment experience.

Qualified candidates should send a resume via email to Cynthia Mason on Real's recruiting team here.

Hypebot's Music 2.0 Week In Review: Social Marketing Arrives, Eagles Spread, 4QFor Nimbit & Much More

>>> Much of the big Music 2.0 news this week continues to come from the social networking sector:Facebook

  • Facebook launched its music initiative with artist pages and targeted marketing opportunities.
  • MySpace announced Hypertargeting and SelfServe ads.
  • iLike expanded its cross-platform music marketing tools.

>>> Despite being sold exclusively to Wal-Mart, the Eagles' new CD found its way into other retailers via re-sales and imports. The record topped the charts selling 750,000 units; almost 3 times the Britney debut.

>>> eMusic hit 350,000 subscribers and added several key labels.Nimbitlogosquare

>>> Patrick Faucher, the head of Music 2.0 artist service's company Nimbit answered four questions that Hypebot will be putting to music industry leaders in the coming months in a new series called 4QFor.

>>> Bruce Houghton's essay on The Rising Musical Middle Class drew reaction across the blogosphere.  Here is a roundup of some of the best comments. Join the debate.

>>> Notorious file sharing site Pirate Bay expanded its reach by sponsoring a band and starting work on a effort to to create and open source Bit Torrent replacement.

Facebook Launches Music Initiative

Facebook_2UPDATED: Facebook has added several features that should bring more music related activity to the popular social networker and be a boon for artists and labels.

Central to the effort are Facebook Pages which enable bands (or any entity) to build a central location for interaction with fans on Facebook. Those pages can also be leveraged with targeted Social Ads as well as self-service Facebook Ads (the successor to Facebook Flyers) which offers affordable targeted ads priced by clicks or impressions.

In a unique feature sure to upset some privacy advocates, marketers can also track fans by adding code to their own web sites that link to Facebook Beacon.  After a Facebook member visits  the encoded site, their activity can be shared with other Facebook friends and advertisors leading to targeted ads.  For example, a visit to an encoded PinkFloyd.com can land an ad for their box set on your Facebook page.

Here's one early example of a crudely done Facebook band page.

4QFor: Four Questions For Nimbit's Patrick Faucher

Today mark's the launch of an ongoing Hypebot series 4QFor where we ask music industry leaders, pundits and artists the same four questions. We hope that each different point of view will provide insights into the evolution of Music 2.0.

Nimbitlogosquare_2 Patrick Faucher is the CEO of Nimbit, a true Music 2.0 company that enables direct artist to fan sales and communications on web sites and across social networking platforms.

Q1.What major changes in the music industry do you foresee over the next year?Patrick_faucher_2
You'll see an accelerated migration toward a new model for labels and artists, which is more of an artist-centric, 360-degree approach to the business. More artists will be distributing direct to consumer, especially from their own websites and at shows. Some may do this on their own, and others will partner with a label that understands the new landscape and can offer real value in terms of helping the artists develop a market.

Q2. How are you and your company preparing to benefit from these changes?
We power the direct-to-fan sales of thousands of artists, as well as their labels, with our ecommerce platform. We are offering tools that automate sales, online marketing, catalog administration and content management across all the channels that our clients need to manage. We recently launched the Online Merch Table, which is the only commerce widget available for artists that integrates direct-to-fan sales of CDs, MP3s, DVDs, merchandise, tickets and mobile content into a single shopping cart, and can be distributed across multiple sites and social networks.

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Friday's Music 2.0 Briefing: Eagles Spread BeyonfdWal-Mart, Encrypted Torrrents Soar, Pandora Sings On AT&T & Much More

Eagles >>> Yesterday we reported that The Eagles' Wal-Mart exclusive release is also being sold at indie retail. Now Rolling Stone says Virgin Mega-Store is selling the CD at $18.99 and other retailers are importing the disc from overseas. Supply meets demand. Even Irving Azoff can't control it.  But why should he care? He gets his $'s either way.

Generic_headphone_computer >>> Encrypted traffic on BitTorrent has increased ten fold in the last year to 40% of all torrent traffic making detecting filesharers all but impossible. (Register) Take that Major Label Man!

>>> AT&T is adding Pandora to its wireless phone offerings (press release)

>>> Concert giant Live Nation reports improved 3rd quarter results.

>>> French digital music distributor and marketing firm Believe has grabbed $2.9 million iDownarrowgign private equity cash.

>>> "Wall Street is taking record labels to task for lackluster Web sales, spiraling CD revenue, and the defections of marquee acts such as Madonna and Radiohead." (cNet) What took them so long?

>>> Copy protection firm Macrovision has acquired All Media Guide, the producers of the All Music Guide and other media info and metadata databases. (press release)

>>> Download sheet music retailer Musicnotes.com sold is 3 Millionth download to its 1 millionth customer. (press release)

The Wal-Mart Eagles Find Their Way To Indie Retail

Coalition Of Independent Music Store head Don Van Cleave on the new Eagles release available "exclusively" at Wal-Mart:

Cims_2 "So, when I got the CIMS chart yesterday morning, I quickly scanned it looking for where the WALMART EAGLES had landed. Yeah, I know it is a Walmart exclusive but we practice guerrilla retail. Between Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Amazon and Sam's club, we can't decide who to award as the "Distributor ofWalmart_frown the Year". With their retail prices generally much lower than our direct from distributor prices, it is always a pleasure to buy all of the hits on deep discount."

"...many of our guys picked up the WALMART EAGLES new release at Walmart to resell back in their stores. We heard stories for the past few weeks about customers asking indie stores for the WALMART EAGLES. When informed that they would need to go to Walmart to pick up the title, the customers rWalmartesponded "Dude, we don't go in that damn place" or something similar... "

"...(Soundscan) told me that they were obviously resales and they zeroed them out... They don't want to count them twice...Streetpulse let me know...The WALMART EAGLES come in at #22 on our chart...who is making sure this 700K plus in sales is for real? In this day andEagles age is it possible for any retailer, even Walmart, to scan those kinds of numbers? Maybe so, but I am just sayin..."

Coalition of Independent Music Stores Top 200 for Week Ending 11-04-07


Click below for CIMS Top 20 Debuts for the week plus the entire CIM's Top 200 Chart.

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eMusic Hits 350K Subs & Adds Labels

Emusic eMusic announced that it has surpassed 350,000 paid subscribers with a new catalog total of more than three million tracks from 20,000 labels. Some impressive new indie labels are being integrated into the eMusic system including Telarc, Shout Factory, Rough Trade, Madacy and Vox.  (see a full label list after the jump below)

Since establishing its subscription model in 2003, eMusic has sold 165 million downloads. The 350,000 subscriber benchmark comes just six months after eMusic reached 300,000. eMusic customers include conventional web-based subscribers and subscribers to eMusic Mobile with AT&T.

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iLike Provides Details Of Expanded Cross-Platform Marketing Tools

UPDATED: Yesterday music-based social networker iLike made marketing music via a multitude of social network and web sites a lot easier with new services that enable single source updating.

  • Ilike_2 "pre-created" pages for 160,000+ artists, so that the artist doesn't have to go through the hassle of uploading all their content to create yet another new band profile
  • opened a "Universal Artist Dashboard" so an artist can control their presence across many channels from single place - i.e post a new concert and reach fans across iLike.com, Facebook, iTunes/WMP desktops and thanks to Google's OpenSocial soon Bebo, orkut, MySpace, Friendster and scores of other sites
  • launched new apps for Facebook Pages including Songs, Concerts,and iCast

Late yesterday, we asked iLike spokesperson Emily Glassman for more details:

Hypebot: When do you expect to add MySpace and other OpenSocial sites?
Glassman: Coming soon. We will make individual press announcements in the future, providing launch dates and more details.
Hypebot: What is the cost of The Dashboard to artists and labels?
Glassman: These services with remain free to artists and labels.
Glassman: "We’ve (also) started an autoupdate for all of our iTunes/Windows Media Player Sidebar users which will add an “Artists” tab to the Sidebar. This new functionality will display a users music newsfeed inside of their Sidebar, providing frequent bulletins about a user’s favorite artists...It’s a simple and convenient way to find out if an artist you like has added new tour dates, (etc)..."

Thursday's Music 2.0 Briefing: iTunes Locks In Tickmaster, Tweens Get Firefly Music & Much More

>>> Ticketmaster is integrating iTunes sales more into its system selling full album downloads alongside tickets. (press releaseSmart concept on the surface. But won't some people be pissed when they realize the track they bought is locked inside Apple'sConcert_ticket DRM? Too bad Amazon launched to late to cut this deal.

>>> Ninja Tickets allows you to search for the best prices on the secondary ticket market across multiple sources and Live Nation's new 3D system helps you see the view from a seat before you buy it. (OurDigitalMusic)

>>> Jupiter analyst David Card writes on "The Promise of Digital Music: Still a Few Dots Unconnected". (here) He's right its still a sloppy confusing buggy mess providing an unsatisfactory consumer experience.  Stopping DRM opens some doors to fix it, but more needs to be done.

>>> Tween mobile provider Firefly has tapped PassAlong for an age appropriate Firefly Music store. (press release) Expect many more niche store to open in 2008 and PassAlong is well positioned to help build them.

>>> Survey shows that most companies don't stop people from downloading music at work. (Reuters)

Check out what industry leaders and Hypebot readers has had to say about our new series on The Rise Of The Musical Middle Class. (industry reaction, original series) Be sure to join the debate.Youtube

>>> An Indian record label is taking on YouTube. (PC World)

Mouse >>> Get your daily dose of rock and roll wisdom at TheRockDose.com.

The Debate Over The Musical Middle Class

Is the decline of the record industry and rise of the internet creating a new Musical Middle Class? Below you'll find what some industry leaders and Hypebot readers had to say. You can read the full text and join the discussion here.

Working_musician "I'd be more prone to call it a growing lower-middle class. There is an absolute glut of music online...As the audience becomes more fractured, each player's piece of the pie shrinks..."
- Glenn @ Coolfer

"The Rise of the Musical Middle Class has been imminent for a few years now, but it's starting to seem like it's going to be permanently just around the corner... just because the technology for Music 2.0 is here doesn't necessarily mean that the economics of the situation have changed..." - Mike @ RadioNowhere

"Here's a list of artists on CD Baby who have sold over $30,000 in CD sales just through cdbaby.com (which assumes they've sold many more through other methods as well). 
- Derek Sivers @ CD Baby

"It sounds almost utopian--too utopian, in fact..." - more @ Idolator

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Wednesday's Music 2.0 Briefing: Eagles #1, Facebook's Social Ads, Prince Fights Viral & More

>>> Despite - or perhaps because of - only being available at Wal-Mart, the Eagles easily outdistanced Britney 700K to 290K units to debut at #1. (HITS, press release)

>>> Facebook continues the trend towards targeted personalized marketing with Social Ads. (NYT)

Prince >>> Prince is trying to force fan sites and others to stop using his likeness, lyrics. etc  content. (CMJ) The sites creating a unified PrinceFansUnited.com to fight back. Is it about control or driving traffic to an authorized site? Either way this goes counter to everything we know about modern viral marketing.OK Purple One. I used an old photo of you on this blog. What happens next?

>>> Pandora has added a number of new social and music discovery features in a move to expand the services reach with the goal of "creating a unified music experience". (Listening Post)

>>> Record labels have been slow to jump into virtual worlds like teen destination Habbo Hotel as revenue sources. (DMWWhy? Because the labels still are run by older white males whose idea of going online is a trip to CNN.com and Mapquest.

>>> New deals make Sergama the largest digital music aggregator in India. The company sells direct and via other services. (press release) It's always facinated me that  the music industry seems to ignore this huge English speaking market.

The Rise Of The Musical Middle Class Parts I-III

Our series on the on a new Middle Class of musicians who never ride in limos but who make Working_musiciana decent living has been getting a lot of attention and causing debate across the blogosphere. Please add your perspective to the discussion.

A New Musical Middle Class

Join the debate here. I'll publish the best of the comments tomorrow.