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RCRD LBL Upate & Reaction

  • Read our full coverage of the launch here.Rcrdlbl_2
  • All free downloads from the ad supported start up will will be DRM free mp3's.
  • Wired has an interview with one of the label's founders Peters Rojas who also started Engadget and Gizmodo. (here) 

I question if this will turn out to be a new model for launching a band.  Sure, a single song could get attention and spread virally.  But does passing around a free mp3 really lead to band branding and fan loyalty?

It's a place for a band to start of course, but is the RCRD LBL really a record label or just an evolved mp3 blog?

"RCRD LBL is trying to be too many things: a music blog, a social network, a music provider and a record label..." - Marc Cohen

"I can't really discern whether they are trying to be a tastemaker or what. Including Turntablelab certainly gives it that slant. But of course, I will always just, ya know, surf" - Ethan Bauley

"I love the whole "2.0" thing - I'm gonna start calling my kid Jake 2.0 - 'cos after all - it was me that provided the "content" - so to speak!" - Andrew

"...I almost got a seizure from the flickering of all the damn widgets re-loading...
I didn't see much that made me want to come back." - Captain Wrong

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