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Slow March To DRM Free Music Becomes A Sprint

The slow march towards universal DRM free music appears about to become a sprint to the finish line.  Recent developments pushing Sony BMG, WMG and other holdouts to reconsider their protectionist positions include:

  • Initial sales and kudos from the media and consumers for Amazon's all mp3 store
  • Rumors that we've been hearing for weeks of a billion (yes that's a b) track giveaway involving Pepsi and the Amazon mp3 store to be unveiled during the Super BowlDrm_anti_wall
  • Rumors that is demanding that all labels deliver tracks as DRM free mp3's or risk being booted off the site
  • Solid digital sales increases at EMI since going DRM free
  • Signs that the Universal "experiment" is now a permanent policy shift
  • An increasing number of hold-out labels including most recently Hollywood experimenting with DRM free sales
  • Rumors that Sony BMG is readying an mp3 experiment and that WMG is finally allowing the possibility to be be openly discussed
  • A more rapid than expected decline in physical CD sales
  • Increased popularity of The Zune and other players beyond the iPod

Just a week ago I asked "Has The March To DRM Free Stalled?" It appears that I should have trusted my own December '06 prediction that 2007 would be the breakthrough year for DRM free music.

Sources: Original Reporting and (Ed Christman)