Tuesday’s Music 2.0 Briefing: Satellite Merger Opposition, MySpace Feeds, Classical MP3’s and Much More

>>> The Consumer Federation of America, Consumers Union and Free Press have all come out strongly against the Sirius and XM merger.  (pdf of joint letter)

>>> MySpace is adding Facebook style news feeds that inform you when a friends site is updated (good for a band with many friends) and will allow multiple profiles. (Reuters)
>>> New iPod commercials that prominently feature developing acts cause download sales jump. (SF Chronicle)

>>> Universal’s Deustche Grammophon is opening a DRM free classical download store. (TechCrunch)

>>> The holiday shopping season was off to a strong start on the net. (PC World)

>>> My Bloody Valentine is planning a net only (+ vinyl) reunion release. (DMW) And opera singer Barbara Hendricks is going the Radiohead route. (Billboard)

>>> Why the RIAA appears afraid of targeting Harvard. (ars)

>>> Howard Stern is about to start year three in Sirius and is considering extending his contract. (AP)

>>> Tunecore gets profiled in the Daily News.

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