Wednesday’s Music 2.0 Briefing: NIN Un-Mixed, Net Overload, TuneCore Adds Video & More

>>> Because of copyright concerns, UMG pulled the plug on a new offering by Nine Inch Nails, which let fans create and post remixes from the master tracks used to create the band’s new release. (Pitchfork)

>>> Could all of this wonderful flow of music, video and more overwhelm the internet?  A new study says meltdown is just two years away. (InfoWorld)

>>> Yahoo and Sony BMG has signed a new deal for video on demand. (press release)

>>> In addition to experiments with ad supports music, MySpace is expanding with a help wanted section and new filters for keeping track of and finding friends.  Sound a little like Facebook?

Consumer electronics maker Haier America has introduced the Ibiza Rhapsody, a Wi-Fi-enabled portable media player that connects directly to RealNetworks’  Rhapsody digital music service and stream user-generated videos from AOL Video. A 30GB model is available now for $329, while 8GB ($249) and 4GB ($229) models before Christmas. (press release)

>>> MTV Games releases Rock Band with 58 tracks and more available for download. (press release)

>>> TuneCore adds flat rate video distribution to iTunes. (Wired)

>>> David Card provides more details from Jupiter’s latest Digital Music Forecast.

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