Wednesday’s Music 2.0 Briefing: Lennon Video, Trans World Tanks, Vee-Jay Goes Digital & Much More


>>> Philadelphia gets a major new summer music festival produced by C3. (Billboard)Lennon

>>> EMI to sell John Lennon video album download via Starbuck for $25. (press release) $25 for mostly old videos?  They wonder why P2P is so popular?

>>> Google planning online file storage/sharing solution that could lead copyright questions. (WSJ)

>>> Trans Worlds revenues were down 12% to give them another loosing quarter. (press release)

>>> The Orchard takes legendary label Vee-Jay digital. (press release)Verizon_2

>>> Verizon says they’ll open their wireless network to any application and any device in 2008. (arsImagine the possibilities of open mobile airwaves. Others will be forced to follow.

>>> "The recording industry should thank Apple" (cNet) Doug Morris would disagree.

>>> Dave Cool offers a D.I.Y. CD marketing budget. (CC)

Mouse>>> Digital music consumer guide OurDigitalMusic offers their Top Sites To Discover New Music.

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