Friday’s Music 2.0 Briefing: EU Wide Music Market, iTunes Anti-Trust, Napster UpPrices


> WMG shares fell to a new low of $5.31 yesterday as flight from the stock continued. Track the stock today here.

> The European Union Commission has announced a plan to create a single, European-wide market for online music, films, and video game licensing and pushing for an interoperable consumer-friendly DRM system. (ars) This was great news until "consumer-friendly DRM system".

> An antitrust lawsuit accuses Apple of monopolizing the online music market. The complaint says that Apple controls 75% of the online video market, 83% of the online music market, more than 90% of the hard-drive based music player market and 70% of the Flash-based music player market and targets Apple’s refusal to support the WMA format. (TechWeb) Thanks, but with the death of DRM aren;t you a little late on this one?

> Napster raised its subscription music services prices 30% from $9.95 to $12.95 monthly. And analysts Bear Sterns gave the company a mixed report. (Paid Content)

> Audio of the head of the RIAA vs. The Washington Post writer Marc Fisher on NPR’s Talk Of The Nation on whether or not the RIAA considers ripping your tracks to your PC is illegal. (NPR) Fisher can be accused of sloppy reporting that does not change the fact that the RIAA is trying to defend an untenable position.

> Live Nation has cut a multi-million dollar exclusive touring deal with Hollywood Records teen sensation the Jonas Brothers. (Billboard)

> Passalong Networks released new customizable Rostr playlist widget.

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