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Help Wanted- Junior Manager

In an effort to give back a little to an industry that has given me so much, I post music industry job openings for free here on Hypebot.  Please send me any positions you may need filled.

Manager Davis Jones (Walter Meego, who has a record coming out on Sony/Columbia label Almost Gold) is looking for a junior manager to work with developing artists.


What this person is going to do?
Work with the management team to develop new talent, integrate with our current team and hopefully stay with us long-term. We are two people who can frequently be found in London, LA, Chicago and China. Most of the work will be co-ordinated over the internet and telephone.

What are they going to deliver to the organization?

Assistance developing vibrant relationships with artists.

So, what sort of experience do they need?
A knowledge of music, experience with entrepreneurship or independent business is a plus, experience with contracting and accounting is a plus.

What sort of skills do they need?
Communication skills, math skills, logic, political skills (interpersonal relationships) and strategic planning

What sort of personal characteristics do they need?

Humility, self confidence, critical thinking

What sort of personality?
Energetic is a bonus, honest, forthcoming, fearless, respectful

Brief Summary
The company is looking to take on a junior management associate who is energetic, wants to learn and who has time to dedicate to the business. Early on the pay will be low, and as with all management – get bigger as you gain experience and earn commissions. Ideally, you are a college student or college-aged person with some extra time or who is currently starting out in the music business and wants to work with others.

Please send some information about yourself – CV, resume or a paragraph or two are all sufficient – to if you think this is a relationship that would work for us both.

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