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The actions continues in Cannes at the world’s largest music industry gathering.

"For ISPs in general, the days of prevaricating over their responsibilities for helping protect music must end"  Paul  McGuiness, manager of U2 @ Midem

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    U2’s manager called for technology companies from Dell and Oracle to ISP’s to start "sharing their enormous revenue" with singers and songwriters. (IHT)
  • Qtrax’s botched launch was the talk of the confab. We’ve got the latest updates here.
  • UK’s 7Digital has grabbed almost $9M in funding to take its digital download service into the US and other parts of Europe. Mobile and lossless downloads are in the future as well (cNet UK)
  • More guesses on the average price Radiohead got during its pay what you want experiment. (PaidContent)
  • YouTube’s co-founder Chad Hurley calls in the EU to make licencing easier. “I think the EU has (taken some steps) but, if anything, it’s actually made things worse." (PaidContent)
  • Here’s yesterday’s news from Midem and MidemNet.
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  1. Is Paul McGuiness nuts? Tech companies have NO obligation to compensate rich rock stars for alleged financial losses due to illegal downloading. That, to me, makes as much sense as people claiming a Judas Priest record made their kinds kill themselves.

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