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Midem & MidemNet News Roundup

The music industry action shifts to Cannes this week and music’s top international trade fair MIDEM as well as its sister digital gathering MidemNet.

Here’s a roundup of the news and announcements so far:

  • Sony Ericsson has signed deals with Sony BMG, Warner Music Group, EMI, The Orchard, IODA, The PocketGroup, Hungama, X5Music, Bonnier Amigo and VidZone for its PlayNow mobile download service.
  • China promises to crackdown on internet piracy.

"People are prepared to pay for quality. As long as we keep screwing around with our audience, we aren’t going to win," – veteran UK concert promoter Harvey Goldsmith @ MidemNet.

"The majors have changed the way they market music, now they have to work out how to change the music that they market," – Steve Greenberg, CEO, S-Curve Records @ MidemNet

  • Indies and indie trade groups in at least 10 markets are joining together of a worldwide Independence Day music promotion
  • A year after its launch at MIDEM ’07 Merlin, a global rights body for independents, has opened its doors to labels, music distributors and aggregators at no cost
  • SonyBMG execs say that 2009 will be the tipping point for digital music and back unlimited download services

“It’s not about suing consumers anymore, it’s about serving them; music is not being devalued, it’s being revalued.” – Ted Cohen, TAG @ MidemNet

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