Tuesday’s Music 2.0 Briefing: EMI, MacWorld, Bee Gees & More

> The big action today and tomorrow will center around EMI’s massive job cuts and restructuring plan and reaction from artists, managers and the industry. We’ll be following the story closely and publishing updates throughout the day starting with the job cuts and a commentary here and emerging details of the restructuring here. Check back throughout today and tomorrow for updates.

> FUTURE WEEK – Because of the developing story at EMI, our Future Week coverage willApplelogo be postponed until later in the week.

> The other developing story today is Steve Jobs’ keynote at MacWorld which always includes a few surprises for the music industry. Some are predicting a new iTunes subscription option.  It begins at Noon EST and Engadget has live coverage here or take a late lunch in NYC or a coffeebreak in LA and read a summary here on Hypebot.

> Pepsi and Amazon officially announced their $1 billion mp3 giveaway. (press release)

> Finally…music videos on your Blackberry. (TechWeb)

> Don’t get too excited, but the entire Bee Gees catalog finally finds its way to iTunes today.

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