1. Wow. Jimmy’s really rambling in this one. He’s talking about the lack of original ideas as though the labels have nothing to do with it. He’s a pretty bizarre dude. They should keep him off of video. Not a good look.

  2. OK perhaps Iovine isn’t an organized Mitt Romney-Powerpointer but he did talk about a lot of important stuff for over 20 minutes! Without too much bullshit. Every label boss should go through this. It takes some courage.

  3. Yikes! He didn’t make a single coherent point in over 20 minutes of rambling about the industry.
    Best of luck Jimmy / Interscope!

  4. Spoken like a true Demi-God..or should I say Jimmi-God?? WOW! Little Big Jim from his ivory tower is caught sputtering about his office evading the truth and being as inconclusive as ever.
    All I heard was more of a same from ME Lord. He acts as if he no longer has any commitment to the fine art of making great music. It’s all just POP Culture to King James. As if a music company like his is just a conduit of Pop for the mere idiot masses. We fans drink his dross …and should like it. Double Wow!
    Aside for him not being frank about the real decline, or deep-death, of the so-called industry and that it is because of a flood of bad music, bad bands, bad radio, phony hype,empty management,laziness,gate-keepers, waste, over-inflated paychecks for fat label-heads (like Lord Jimmy),and nooo funds for discovery,promotion and touring of newer and unknown(baby)artists, he unknowingly uncovers the problem with his own label: he’s got too many of his fingers into everything but MUSIC!
    Clubs for the Pussycat Dolls? Movies? Anything that falls under “Art”? What kind of unfocused, furry-headed pap is this?
    How about just doing Music. Nothing but great music that connects the loyal fans with the performing artist(s). Just let the music do the talking.
    But this is Mr. Jimmy…. the man who ruminates over the idea or notion that maybe…just maybe… his generation (He) killed the music and record industry altogether (see L.A Times 2007 RH/Archives). Whelp, this clip of him just puts it over the top for me. I second that notion Mr. Jimmy “Buzzkill” Iovine.

  5. Now I understand why he’s always wearing a cap… this guy’s had a frontal lobotomy!
    I don’t think I’ve heard this much drivel since I was in kindergarten!
    This guy’s at the helm of three of the biggest record companies on the planet?

  6. Ya’ll MFs are crazy! Jimmy was kicking sme serious knowledge. major labels are huge boats that are very hard to change course with, it’s good to see a captain who has a clue. The reality is shit music has always co existed with good music the only difference now is you don’t have to by either to enjoy them. As soon as the hardware and the content synergize into a legal, compensating, consumer friendly model, selling music will return to a profitable venture either major or indie.

  7. It’s weird that people would expect Iovine to be a new media web 2.0 guru.
    Look at his office. Look at what’s up on the walls. Iovine is a connected man with decades of experience and the power that comes with it — he’s not a visionary, he’s an executive.
    I thought this interview was great and took 2 pages of notes. Which is why I f’ing hate video interviews…but that’s an analog gripe from a print media dinosaur.
    THANKS FOR THE HEADS UP. Hypebot continues to be the best available news source I’ve ever found.

  8. Justin, You know I’m a big fan of yours, but I have to respectfully disagree with you. Iovine isn’t saying anything new here. It’s just the same regurgitated crap we’ve been hearing from him. I definitely wouldn’t expect him to be a web guru, but he needs to get a clue.
    The last time I checked, Interscope still ran 90% of its artists as loss-leaders. And as for his experience, yeah, he’s got that, but it’s more from decades of industry brown-nosing than anything else.
    When it comes to this industry, Iovine is a symptom of the disease, rather than part of the cure.

  9. Yeah, and I took 2 pages of notes about the disease. Like I said, he’s not a visionary, he’s an executive. I’m definitely not implying Iovine has anything new to say, but it was still a detailed and valuable insight into what the dinosaurs are thinking these days.

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