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EMI Adds Catalog & Licensing VP’s plus Commentary

EMI has announced two major appointments to run new catalog based business units within the recorded
music division.


Stephen Alexander has been appointed
Executive Vice President of EMI Music Catalog, Compilations, Studios and
Archives (CCSA), a new group that is tasked with maximizing revenue from back catalog. Alexander has been a Managing Director
at Terra Firma for the past five years.


Ronn Werre has added the title EVO EMI Music Licensing and Synch in addition to his
role as EVP Global Sales. Werre’s group will work to expnad EMI’s licensing revenue.

(More on Werre and quotes from him, Alexander and EMI head Guys Hands after the jump.)


good news that Hands understands that revenue from repackaging
and licensing of EMI’s rich catalog deserve more attention. But two
aspects of the announcement send up warning flags for the company’s future:

  1. Hands had
    promised less not more middle management. Does EMI really need more
    expensive vice-presidents and the salaries and perks that go along with
    them?  It would seem that these departments need foot soldiers; not
    more suits.
  2. What message
    does it send when the first major post-purchase announcement was staff
    cuts and the second is more resources for catalog?  Doesn’t Hands &
    CO realize that catalog with lasting value is only created by sustained artist development? Where are those resources? Where is that announcement?


joined EMI Music in 1998 as VP of major accounts and took on increasingly
expanded roles. In 2005 he was appointed President of EMI Music Marketing in North Americaoverseeing sales, catalog, synch,
licensing and special markets. Prior to EMI, he held key sales and marketing
positions for consumer products companies, including Procter and Gamble,
Campbell Soup, Quaker Oats and Coca-Cola.


Speaking about his new role, Stephen
Alexander commented: “I am delighted to accept this new role. EMI has one of the
most important music catalogues and archives in the world, with artists that
include The Beatles, David Bowie, Queen, Pink Floyd, Dean Martin, the Beach
Boys, Bob Seger, Maria Callas and many others. The team and I will work to
ensure we make the most out of this fantastic resource, bringing it to the
widest possible audience.”


Ronn Werre added: “I am very pleased
to take on this expanded role. Licensing and Synch are fast-growing areas of the
music industry and ones where EMI has scored some notable successes in recent
years. Together with the team I am looking forward to building on this


Guy Hands, EMI Group Chairman, said:
“I am looking forward to working with Stephen and Ronn in these important roles.
We have a responsibility to all our artists to maximise the returns on their
music, both when newly released and over many years. Stephen’s and Ronn’s skills
and drive will deliver real benefits to them.”

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  1. We certainly don’t know what these guys are going to be paid, but I assume it’s the market rate for this type of job. Expensive? Only if people expect underpaid enthusiasts to help turn around EMI. (I think the incredible number of underpaid enthusiasts is one of the industry’s main problems. If you can’t pay for good people, you won’t get the best candidates.)
    New departments need new department heads. A department can’t run itself. Foot soldiers are one thing, but leadership is another. I know it pains some people, but leadership has a price tag…even in the music business.

  2. Glenn, I know – and you do too – that EMI already had people working on catalog and licensing. They always have. Those teams needed to be made larger and stronger but not top heavy with the appointment of a former investment banker and by adding another title to an existing EVP.

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