Friday’s Music 2.0 Briefing: SprialFrog Claims #3, TorrentSpy Dies, Limewire Grows & More

> SpiralFrog, the free, ad-supported download service, is claiming almost 850,000 registered users. Based on reported user numbers, SpiralFrog says it is is now the third largest legal music download site in U.S. and Canada behind only iTunes and Rhapsody. Traffic  surpassed two million unique monthly visitors for March. (press release) Impressive numbers, but about eMusic and Amazon?

> Cox is launching a branded Rhapsody subscription music service to its cable ans ISP customers. (press release)

> A profile of music industry commentator Bob Lefsetz. (Washington Post)

> Lime Wire announced an agreement with aggregator and distributor BFM Digital to sell DRM-free music in LimeWire Store, the company’s online music store joining Redeye Distribution, IODA, Ingrooves, Nettwerk Productions, and IRIS.

> BitTorrent tracker TorrentSpy has shut down forever. (Torrent Freak)

> A judge has orders banks to keep their promises in the Clear Channel deal. (AP)

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