Hypebot’s Music 2.0 Week In Review: Apple Plans, WMG Raises, Rock Band Sells & Much More

> Apple is rumored to be negotiating with the labels to give purchasers of a premium iPod unlimited access to iTunes.  A Hypebot commentary calling the idea bad for the music industry drew lots of discussion. eMusic went a step farther saying they felt the idea deserved federal anti-trust action against Apple.

> Warner Music Group renewed the multi-million $ contracts of executives Edgar Bronfman and Lyor Cohen thru 2013. Hypebot issued a challenge for major label execs to follow Steve Jobs’ example and work for $1 a year plus bonuses based on performance.

> MTV’s Rock Band video game has sold more than 6 million songs.

> Veteran rockers the Bodeans have gone D.I.Y. with strong initial results.

> Songkick debuted a live music recommendation destination and a new service that measures artist buzz on the net.

> A new study showed that net radio plus social networking offers a powerful music marketing strategy.

> A P2P crackdown via ISP is spreading globally.

> moe. manager John Topper is proposing a 50 cent ticket fee to help bands pay for higher gas prices.

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