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Help Wanted: LA Publicity Internship

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This is an unpaid internship, for college credit only, 3 days per week
(24 hours per week total) starting immediately and working through
current semester. A major in publicity, journalism or a similar mass-
communications program is preferred. 

It’s Alive! Media is a 2-person boutique entertainment publicity firm located in Hollywood CA focusing on music, but also specializing in books and alt-lifestyle projects. The intern we seek must have an appreciation for and knowledge of the current music scene, be highly…

organized and detail-oriented, and must be willing to work with
mature/adult material in a professional environment.   Music genres
include punk, indie, world music, alt-country, electronic and more.

This is an unpaid internship, for college credit only, 3 days per week
(24 hours per week total) starting immediately and working through
current semester. A major in publicity, journalism or a similar mass-
communications program is preferred.   

·       Superior oral and written communication skills
·       Accurate touch typing (data  entry  experience a plus)
·       Strong   computer skills, including web research capabilities
·       Knowledge of Mac OS X, Entourage,  Word,  Excel & Filemaker Pro
·       Courteous  and confident phone  manner
·       A reliable car, a  clean  driving record and active insurance

Intern Duties:   Database updates, Internet research, administrative
duties  (coordinating and implementing mailings, assembling press kits,
etc.),  some writing, editing  and proofreading of publicity materials
(press  releases, pitch emails, artist  bios, etc.), potential project
pitching  and media outreach opportunities,  particularly to college
and online  media.

Please send resume and cover letter via email to
for consideration.
More information on projects can be found at Please no
phone calls, faxes or walk-ins.

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  1. Juju born joel david lindsay, juju realize that he have a love for music at the age six (6),when he start out has a Dj and a technician pulling down and fixin radio, he start to play music at home and in the community,he then decide to take it to the next level,when he meet this young man by the name of jekko,the son of barry heptones,his talent was too much to go to waste,so he start to manage him and start to learn the business and creative parts of the industry,about six months later he know everything that he need to know to start,he then start to build riddims and riddims on his computer,he could not aford a drum machine are any other musical instrument so he just use his computer and a solfware name FL Studio, he then decide to start a label and call it juju music production why he name it so, is because the name juju was given to him by his father roy lindsay he is now dead,that why he decide to name the label of my self, a couple mouth later he did his first recording with a young artiste by the name of k kryss, his mom like wat he was doing and start invest some money in him,she give him some money to record some more song at a more professional studio and to press some 45 Records, he then start to distribut the record but it didn’t go anyware,because of the industry,radio deejays was givin him pills and distributor was laughing at his music tell him that his music would not sell in japan or the world,he go his way and stop listen to people,first he was a little bit mad at his self, but that never make him give up on his music,he start again this time he was building a home studio for himself by himself, to do his work better,now its done and he is making hit song everyday, but still not geting the love from the music industry,he have alot of singles online for sale and alot to come, at his website you can fine all his music and also other sites,cds and mp3,look out for Jomo debut album online june 27, The Introduction Of Jomo

  2. Album Information
    Artist Name: Jomo
    Album Name: The Introduction Of Jomo
    Label Name: Juju Music Production
    Original Release Date: June 27th, 2008
    UPC: 859700192245
    Linear Notes: N/A
    1.) No Name Yet
    2.) Top Rankin
    3.) Money Necessary
    4.) Some Bwoy Gone
    5.) Tek Weh Yuself
    6.) Stinging Bees
    7.) Find My Queen
    8.) One More Time
    9.) B Nice
    10.) No Do that Mess
    Artist Biography
    Jomo’s Bio:
    I’ve always been fascinated with Great Music. I have oserved many great musicians throughout my years create
    numerous hits in different genres of music, and I’ve concluded that it’s a no boundery, versitile artform. Mastering
    the art of music along with talent and persiverance equals endless posssibilities.
    Grown in a humble home, material was’nt something of abundance to me and so what was, music per say, I took all it had
    to offer and more. I was born April 23,1989 and have four sisters me being the only boy, I went to Rousseau primary and St.Georges college, I left a non-graduate due to being expelled but passed six ( CXC) subjects and was rejected entering sixth form.
    Life’s challenges led me to chosing a career in music at an early age, and after moving from Chisolm Ave Kingston 13 where I spent all my years, to live in New Heavens in 2006 where I met Joel Lindsay (producer) it was now clear that I would be doing music.
    I’ve finished recording my first CD ” The intro of Jomo” which took roughly a month. I put my best into all my songs so I think you’ll like them. Expect lots of more music from me in the future. Enjoy!

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