1. Videogum covers comedy, movies and TV, no music. That’s what the ‘video’ in Videogum refers to. Pitchfork.tv only covers music. It doesn’t make sense to compare them, since they don’t cover the same topics or have the same format at all. Have you actually looked at either site?

  2. Yes, I’ve looked at both and yes they take different directions.
    But both are brand extensions of popular music blogs. My question is which will be the most successful approach – extend your brand within its niche (indie music) or believe that people trust your tastes to the point they’ll follow your advice on all of indie culture.

  3. I agree with Jordan. Your comparison demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding. How is a blog about TV (Videogum) a “Music 2.0” site? This is no different than Gawker Media having a bunch of different blogs covering different subjects. There is nothing new here. Pitchfork.tv is a new idea… but comparing it to a blog makes no sense.

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