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Videogum Launches In Beta

Just one day behind, Stereogum’s Videogum music tv destination has launched in beta as originally promised. There’s a whole lotta "Coming Soon" spread around the site, but it covers a broader range of music and shows come promise with a more playful style than

Check them both out and tell us what you think do far:


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  1. Videogum covers comedy, movies and TV, no music. That’s what the ‘video’ in Videogum refers to. only covers music. It doesn’t make sense to compare them, since they don’t cover the same topics or have the same format at all. Have you actually looked at either site?

  2. I don’t understand why the majority of media covering the launch of both of these sites seems to continually confuse the intent behind these sites. Videogum does not cover music whereas covers only music. How is everyone so confused?

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