Gydget Expands Reach With Fests & MySpace

There’s a lot of hype about widgets and dozens of new companies promoting their solutions, but Gydget seems to gaining the most traction with its free multi-use widget garnering 1400+ major label and indie users. Last week Gydget expanded its presence on MySpace with FanSpace a gallery of gydgets that makes it easier for fans to find and use their widgets on the site.

Today the company announced that three of America’s largest music festivals BonnarooLollapalooza and All Points West and thus three of the biggest festival promoters Superfly, C3 and
  have adopted Gydget as a media-rich viral…

marketing solution for raising awareness and driving ticket  sales across the leading social networking platforms.
“Social marketing is the cornerstone of our festival promotion,” said  Kerry Black of Superfly Productions. “Bonnaroo is about the  community as much as the music. Creating a festival gydget  allowed us to develop a communications platform to broadcast  news, video, music and more across all social networks. We looked  at many solutions but chose Gydget because it allowed us the most  flexibility and customization.”

“We needed a technology partner to create a widget that could follow our strict branding guidelines while integrating premium  content that we had already developed," said Nick Shuley of C3  Presents, producers of  Lollapalooza. "By allowing us to link to RSS  feeds and YouTube channels, the Gydget updates dynamically as new content is added, which helps to keep our audience current on  all things Lollapalooza.

AEG Live, one of the largest promoters in the world uses Gydget to  drive awareness and ticket sales for their concert tours and  festivals. They have used Gydget to promote the Stagecoach Festival  and this summer’s highly anticipated All Points West Festival. “The  All Points West Festival is all about connecting the fans to the  music,” said Glenn Miller, Internet Marketing Manager at AEG Live.  “We felt the most integrated way to engage the community with our  festival was through a branded widget. Gydget works closely with  AEG Live to meet our changing needs and customize the widget to  make it easy to provide content to festival fans 24/7. We all win  when the fans feel they are a part of the marketing force and  endorse the event with their friends."

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