QTrax Relaunches…I Think.

The front page of Qtrax claims that music is available for US users. But my experience and others this morning suggests differently.

Sign up and download of the Songbird based interface (PC only for now) was easy enough and while it said I was downloading a classic Van Morrison track, I couldn’t find the file anywhere on my computer. There was a link to it inside the Qtrax player…and that failed to play. If only Luddites like me are the only ones having trouble; I’d love to know. But for now it appears that Qtrax has once again botched a launch.  Is this strike two, strike three or strike twelve.

UPDATE: I can now listen to the song within the Qtrax player on this one PC. (It appears tracks take a while to "verify".) But so far I still can’t do anything else with it…


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  1. although music is limited on qtrax as of now.The player works very smoothly with really quick downloads loading up with new music daily from universal emi and independents beggars banquet tvt and others ,portability should be soon also give it a chance its breaking new ground.

  2. I have been able to download music from U2, 3 doors down, amy winehouse, beck, buddy holly, cream, elton john, johnny cash, lynyrd skynyrd, plain white t’s, Queen, reba mcentire, rick ross, scorpions, sheryl crow, van morrison and others. Yes, it’s not the easiest layout to find songs with, but that is the doing of the RECORD LABEL EXECs, not Qtrax. Initially it was to be purely P2P, but in the label’s infinite wisdom, they only wanted Qtrax to deliver tunes from their servers only (for now anyway). So, Qtrax is busily loading the songs, and at the pace the labels dictate. Stupid labels. Qtrax had the formula right to begin with, and the labels had to come in and screw with a good thing. Eventually, they’ll come around and do it Qtrax’ way. I’ quite sure it was the attorney’s who said that they couldn’t “jeopardize the on-going litigation by endorsing the P2P model.” Leave it to the lawyers to interfere with stuff they know nothing about (the music consumers!). In any event, I am really looking forward to when they make the songs portable to my MP3 player. Burning to CD I could care less about – that’s a dying medium.

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