Thursday’s Music Briefing: RIAA, Indie Day ’08, AimieStreet & More

> Judge upholds $107K in attorney’s fees against RIAA. (ars)

> eMusic gears up to support indie music’s Independence Day ’08 July 4-14. The campaign includes an indie compilation and aggressive marketing. (press release)

> The Orchard’s catalog of 1M+ songs will be available via AmieStreet.com’s variable pricing model. Labels can opt in or out of participation, but the partnership is a significant validation AmieStreet’s model. (press release)

> The blogger who streamed the un-released Guns & Roses album got a visit from the FBI. (Wired)

> Digital music entrepreneur Bruce Warila postulates "Digital music can’t be marketed; it can only be found." (Music Think Tank) I don’t agree, but Bruce is a smart guy and its worth the short read. 

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