Tuesday’s Music Briefing: MP3 Blog Net, Paid P2P & Much More

> A new network of mp3 blogs run by Cornerstone Marketing is attracting dollars from major advertisers eager to reach young hipsters. (Fortune)

> An extensive UK survey says kids will pay for music via legal P2P if itsGeneric_headphone_computer unlimited and DRM free. (ars, pdf of study)

> IF YOU CAN’T BEAT ‘EM, JOIN ‘EM: MediaDefender, which makes most of its profits seeding P2P’s with bogus tracks is also offering legal ad supported songs from several major labels. (TorrentFreak)

> T-Mobile will offer the iPhone in Germany for 1 Euro. (Reuters)

> 5 Reasons The Merger Won’t Save XM & Sirius. (US News)

> MediaNet will power Tesco Digital, the online store for the EU retail chain that has stores in 12 countries. It will offer 3.7 million songs (2.4 million DRM-free) and eventually add TV shows, movies and games. (press release)

> A look at how the play-along game genre is pumping up music sales. (Venture Star)

> Southern Comfort will sponsor online video network My Damn Channel’s Music Nights show. (press release)

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