Can you Digg It?

When you read a post on Hypebot that you like, please consider recommending it to others via Digg or Stumble Upon (or both).  It really helps to build the Hypebot community.

And if you’re active on Digg, consider adding me (Bruce Houghton) as a "friend" so we can see and share the sites and stories that we find worth Digging.

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  1. Hey Bruce – We are already friends on Digg. Do you have your user profile set up to I can “shout” articles to you? Feel free to shout or email me any articles you would like me to Digg. My Digg user name is dbrose67.

  2. Sharing is. . .

    You may have noticed that this green symbol has been at the bottom of each post. It’s a recently added widget that lets you share the post. Pretty cool, huh? So here’s what I’m asking: If you like what you

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