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Columbia Records Prank Day #3

If you’ve been following our little exercise making fun of Columbia Records having ads on their web site,  as of early this morning we’ve spent all of $4.14 cents to achieve 9270 negative impressions.

At the moment, the rotating Google ads box on the front page appears to have been replaced by a Jamster Music Tones ad.  I can’t say if  the new ad was scheduled to run any way or if Columbia finally got tired of the prank after it spread across the web including via Bob Lefsetz who originally inspired me, Silicon Alley Insider (whose Peter Kafka has been taking his own swipes at the music industry lately), Ryan Holiday and elsewhere.

If somebody from Columbia or parent Sony BMG wants to comment on or off the record, I’ll publish it. In the meantime, I’ll keep running the ad for a little while longer since they lost $42 million last quarter and may need the money…

The offending ad:

Major Labels Are Obsolete

R.I.P. or learn and thrive.

Music. Tech. The New Music Business

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  1. Hi Bruce !
    That’s naughty but smart… this was the real situation from the chaotic theory … just a few dollars, and so many visitors were influenced by your campaign.
    Seem like turning on a cracker in middle of the queue …
    Great job !

  2. I’m find myself bound in an irony paradox – to see the advert on their website that will take me to your page, I’d need to unblock it in my ad software so that I can let you pay them first! Do I deny them the cent or enjoy the joke!? lol – great work.

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