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TuneCore Gets Own Billboard Chart

Billboard_logo Tunecore Billboard is now posting the top 25 revenue-generating albums and songs from discount flat fee digital distributor TuneCore in its Digital & Mobile section. The first chart can be viewed here.

Geoff Mayfield, Billboard's Director of Charts said, "As the music industry shifts through a fast and dramatic evolution, Billboard is constantly on the alert for new data sources from newer technology to compliment our menu of traditional sales and radio charts."...

"Adding the TuneCore chart fits that expansion, and TuneCore's ground-eye-view of digital transactions will allow the music fans who visit to become acquainted with a new flank of independent artists and unsigned acts." is a low flat fee service that delivers to iTunes, eMusic, Amazonmp3 and many other major download sites while taking no rights and no revenue from the sale of the music.  TuneCore has delivered the music of Keith Richards, Bjork, Jay-Z, Public Enemy and thousands of others to the digital download stores.