ArtistData Eases Social Net Overload

PART 1 – What Is ArtistData?
Coming Tuesday – A Q&A With The Founder Of AristData

by Matt Rewinski of the site AccessChristianMusic.comBack in ye olde days of, say, 2005, it was much simpler for artists and labels to update online promotion. Myspace, Purevolume, and a smattering of other pages provided worthy places to promote music, post tour dates, and keep in touch with fans. Today there are more networking sites available than anyone cares to count which makes keeping them up to date tedious. Virb, Indie 911, Last.fm, and countless others are cropping up faster than lines at the Apple Store. This is where ArtistData claims its niche.

Essentially, ArtistData  is a one-stop means of updating all of an artist’s pages by inputting tour dates to their AD account which automatically updates Myspace, Last.fm and any other site that AD can sync with.  ArtistData is increasing this list of companies will sync tour dates with Buzznet, Amie St., Beta Records, and others in the near future.

ArtistData is also in the process of…

enabling users to upload blog updates, news bulletins, and more in
months to come.  As of right now, tour dates remain the site’s focus,
but it’s not unreasonable to assume that ArtistData could encompass
virtually anything that could be uploaded to someone’s Myspace page.
While this is purely personal extrapolation, imagine being able to
upload photos, videos, and other media once instead of two dozen times
and then "go do something more useful and move your career forward", as
AD puts it.

The true pièce de résistance, however, is that ArtistData is offering it’s service for an initial cost of…nothing.

Another notable feature the site offers is the ability to locate
shipping centers, hotels, or anything else in the vicinity of a venue
that’s been uploaded.  While it’s clearly not the focus of the site (or
unique to ArtistData), it can no doubt be a lifesaver for a band on the
road that needs to find a shop to fix their PA when they’re 1,500 miles
from home.

Coming Tuesday – A Q&A With The Founder Of AristData

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